No one in hip-hop (if you think she belongs in that category, that is) had a tougher 2015 than Iggy Azalea. She was at the center of a far-reaching debate on cultural appropriation in the genre, and most all of her efforts to defend herself ended up backfiring. Heck, even Macklemore clowned her on a song titled "White Privilege II." She only released two tracks all year, including a Britney Spears collaboration, "Pretty Girls," and even that was accused of being a total ripoff of DJ Mustard's sound. 

Iggy's now back to revamping her image, as she is the cover star of the latest issue of the London-based fashion magazine Schön!, for which she posed topless (see above). In her feature profile, she seems focused on her upcoming album, Digital Distortion, though she revealed that all the drama she was involved in last year had damaging effects on her mental state, even leading to a "psychotic breakdown," which was why she had to cancel her entire "Great Escape" tour.

"I had to have a psychotic breakdown last year," said the Australian rapper. "I felt tired and stressed out." She also admits that the media played a significant role in leading to her breakdown: "Last year, I felt like I was definitely not in control of the media's narrative of me."

Check out the latest issue of Schön! here, and look out for Iggy's new single, "Team," to drop tomorrow.