When Iggy Azalea truly began to pop off earlier this year with some bonafide radio hits, she also began to face harsher criticism from hip-hop fans. Some of this was music based, but more often, people attacked Azalea's appearance. One of the "jokes" made time and time again was that she looked like the title characters in Shawn and Marlon Wayans' 2004 white-face comedy, "White Chicks" (HotNewHipHop users were quick to hop on this bandwagon in comments sections). Now, just two weeks after Snoop Doggmade the joke during his Instagram tirade against her, Iggy dressed up as a "White Chick" for Halloween.

Donning a fake nose, wig and excessive makeup, Iggy posted some pictures of her and her friend's get-up on her Instagram account. Clever trolling or nah? Check out the pictures below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.