Iggy Azalea's ex-boyfriend/rapper Hefe Wine refuses to go away. According to court papers obtained by Daily Mail, Hefe claims Iggy gave him an STD and is seeking payment for subsequent medical bills and "mental anguish."

Hefe Wine continues to establish himself as one of the most prolific gold diggers of the new millenium, having previously stolen Iggy's laptop and attempting to pass off her music as his own and attempted to extort her by threatening to release a sex tape. Iggy actually addressed his STD threat back in 2014 (see below). 

Hefe released the following statement to XXL

“Let me see how I can start this. I had a contract on her, I have a contract on her and in spite of her going to sign with a different label, in spite of her lying that she’s not signed [to me], I took the high road. Even though contractually I could have just stopped it from the very beginning. I said, I’m just going to take the song I wrote and produced, the songs that I can lawfully put out, and put it out. When I did that and they got wind of it—it’s actually in iTunes and Warner Music put it out—they attacked it. Like, “Hey, you can’t put this out.” That’s when all of the smoke hit the fan.”

Hard not to side with Iggy here.

[via HipHopDX]