Instagram model Kelly Kay's attempt to streak across the field at Hard Rock Stadium during Super Bowl LIV was a flop, as she was apprehended by a team of security guards almost instantly after she got on the turf. Despite the failed attempt, images and video of the on-field arrest quickly went viral, thanks in part to her ability to lift up her dress and flash the crowd as she was being dragged out of sight.

It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway), Kelly Kay is absolutely eating up all the attention she has received since then. After being released from police custody, she quickly took to IG to share a couple of new photos for her 316,000 followers, along with the following inspirational message for all aspiring streakers: "Do what you want, when you want, life’s too short to have regrets ☄️ Thanks @nfl for having me‼️"

According to TMZ Sports, the 27-year old was charged her with misdemeanor trespass, but it looks like she'll gladly take whatever punishment comes her way in exchange for all of those new IG followers. 

"Young jail bait out of jail!" she said, according to TMZ. "Fresh out the pen! Fresh out Dade County, what?!"