Idris Elba just appeared in the official trailer for the upcoming Hobbs & Shaw film set to hit theaters July 26, 2019, and now the actor is already in talks for one of his next movie moves. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Idris may be headed for a deep-sea dive since he's negotiations to star in a supernatural sci-fi thriller titled Deeper.

Deeper is supernatural thriller that centers on a disgraced astronaut, to be played by Elba, who is on a deep-sea dive exploring a newly discovered trench but soon finds himself confronted by a sinister and dangerous force.

The film is described as having the same tone as blockbuster films such as Gravity and The Martian. Baltasar Kormakur, who directed Everest and Adrift will be managing the camera for the film with a script written by Max Landis - who also wrote Netflix's Bright. The publication details how the script was acquired in 2016 and previously had Bradley Cooper and Gal Gadot attached to it but they dropped off. There's no word on who else may star in the newly rebuilt idea for the movie, but attaching Idris to any film is a safe bet. 

“There is that risk of people going, ‘Oh, Idris again...,’ especially in this country, where it’s like, ‘Oh mate, stay in your lane. I like you doing this, but I don’t really want to see you doing other stuff’. We want to see success, but we don’t want people rubbing it in our faces, you know," Idris previously told Esquire  when describing how he's a businessman.

"You have to be careful to not find yourself overstretched and not watered-down. I try to be mindful of that. But at the same time, I’m a businessman; I’m putting a product out, which is my entertainment. And you’ve got to be out there.”

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images