Depending on how you look at it, social media can be seen as a blessing or a curse. We may be able to share information quickly, but if a person doesn't regulate how much time they spend online, they can become zombies, constantly scrolling through various platforms to keep up with an ever-changing news cycle. Social media can be a place where people with common interests connect and learn from one another, or it can be a breeding ground for hate, bullying, or misinformation.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Celebrities are forced to live their lives out loud and often see themselves not only in headlines but across social media platforms. Minor moves they make can become front-page news, and it's gotten to be a bit much for Idris Elba. The British actor-producer-musician has utilized social media to his advantage throughout his career, but in a recent interview with Fast Company, he admitted that he's beginning to back away because it's affecting his mental health.

"I’ve been trying to wean myself off," Elba stated. "I used to post a lot more, but it’s been putting me off lately. And Twitter’s just not how I want to receive my news. I read the news aggregated on my iPad, but I can’t check it constantly—I’m not proud of it, but it’s true—because it makes me feel depressed."

Elba also admitted that when he wakes up in the morning, anywhere between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., the first thing he does is grab his phone to check his messages. If he has any free time during the day, he has an interesting way he lies to relax. "I’ll just sit in the dark, stare, and try not to do anything," he said. "Just clear my mind and decompress."