With so much misinformation being spread about the novel coronavirus, it can be difficult to determine how to best move forward in this growing pandemic. As more and more people become infected with COVID-19, social distancing and basic hygiene become even more important than before. If you are able, remain indoors and spend time with your loved ones during this trying time.

Idris Elba has been one of the most high-profile cases of the coronavirus, having tested positive for COVID-19 this week. The actor is asymptomatic, but he is doing his part in informing the public about the illness and what it can lead to. During a video message, Elba told his fans about a conspiracy theory that has been gaining traction. The theory states that black people are unable to contract COVID-19. Idris Elba wants to shut that down once and for all.

Idris Elba coronavirus
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

"There are so many stupid, ridiculous conspiracy theories about black people not being able to get it," says the actor. "That is the quickest way to get more black people killed. Please understand that you can get it, all right? Stop sending out these stupid WhatsApp messages about black people not getting it. That’s ridiculous. You’re making us all look stupid. Just know you have to be as vigilant as every other race. This disease does not discriminate."

As a black person that contracted the virus, Idris Elba thought it was important that he speak out about the rampant lies being spread, explaining that more people will get sick as a result of the misinformation.

Shout to him for educating the people.