Every so often, the hip-hop world comes through with a genuinely wholesome moment. Such was indeed the case during a recent IDK concert at Virginia Tech, where he began performing his IWASVERYBAD track "No Shoes on the Rug, Leave Them at the Door." The song stands as the album's emotional centerpiece, with IDK reflecting on his late mother's influence and impact on his life. As such, it's likely to trigger an emotional response in anybody dealing with loss, given the stark vulnerability IDK puts forward. During the concert, the song proved so powerful that it moved a young man to tears.

When IDK took notice, he stopped the music and addressed the young man. "It's all good, it's all love over here," says IDK, prompting cheers from the audience. After hugging the rapper, the fan reveals that "No Shoes on the Rug, Leave Them at the Door" helped bring him and his hip-hop hating mother together after a troubled history. Upon hearing the young man's perspective, IDK appears visibly moved.

"I make music and it's always about how I feel personally," he reflects. "I put it into these songs, I never really think about exactly how it can affect the next person who listens to it. Right now, you gave me a lot more perspective. So I want to say thank you. For real, I appreciate you. Thank you for telling me that." Respect to IDK for being a man of the people! 

Image via HNHH