Attention all vapers: those pens may not be as chill as they appear. Though vaping may look like the healthiest, most advanced means of herbal consumption, the seemingly gentle inhalation devices can backfire on you in a big way. There haven't been many reports of vape-induced injuries, but a man in Idaho almost lost his whole damn face when his vape recently exploded mid-puff. And he has the pics to prove it. 

Earlier this week, Andrew Hall of Pocatello, Idaho disclosed his violent vaporizing experience via Facebook. He logged on while he was in the ICU and detailed all of the injuries he suffered as a result of the explosion. "I've lost at least 7 teeth," he told his followers in a post that has since gone viral. He claims to have sustained second-degree burns to his face and his neck, and said that he has "been pulling chunks of plastic, teeth, and foreign objects" from his mouth, throat, and lips. And he was courteous enough to supply photo evidence of all of those gruesome wounds. 

He also says the explosion caused "a huge amount of damage" to the room in his house where it all went down. We wish Andrew a speedy recovery, and next time he wants to inhale, maybe he'll consider lighting up the old fashioned way. WARNING: Graphic photos below