Adam Bloom, who has been dubbed ID Adam by the internet, is no longer employed. Bloom called police on a Black woman and her child at a community pool in North Carolina on Wednesday, and the incident was caught on film. The mother,  Jasmine Edwards, recorded the altercation with the cops, and it worked in her favor entirely. Even the officers on the scene seemed in awe at the blatant idiocy of the situation. Everything began when Bloom questioned Edwards about her address, since the pool in the Glenridge neighborhood was for residents of the community only. Edwards gave Bloom her address, but he then requested her ID to verify when she lived. Edwards refused to give up her ID, and so Bloom called police. 

When police arrived, they immediately discerned that Edwards was a resident and apologized for the situation. The video, which accumulated thousands of views within hours, officially reached the workplace of Bloom. In a statement released on Twitter, Sonoco denounces Bloom's behavior, and reveals that he is no longer employed. 

“Our core values at Sonoco are built on dignity and respect for all, and we do not condone discrimination of any kind, inside or outside of the workplace,” the company wrote. “With more than 20,000 employees across the globe of all races, religions, colors and creeds, we value the diverse experiences and perspectives our teammates bring to our company, which makes us better everyday.”