The Legendary streetwear label FUBU , was founded back in 1992 by four neighborhood hailing from from Queens, New York who were just trying to make a quick buck by selling tie-top hats to their friends and family. The brand quickly grew from the struggling budget of $40 into a $6 billion fashion empire and a huge inspiration to all those on their grind, to put their dreams into fruitition. Nowadays, the label acts as a source of iinspiration to all young, African-American (and otherwise) hustlers with a strong purpose. The acronym "FUBU" stands for "For Us By Us," a sentiment Solange played with in her own song titled "F.U.B.U," to speak about black people coming together to create a sense of community and help each other out with their creations - both artistic and otherwise. In 2017, the iconic brand celebrated their 25th anniversary with a highly coveted capsule collection that payed ode to the classics, along with an announcement of with plans to introduce larger collections and more collaborations in the near future. And now, the leading sportswear brand of the 90's has come through on their word, and joined Los-Angeles based brand Sorella for a capsule collection made up of 20 styles that range from sporty looks, to strap dresses that have modern colors, with a pop of neon, mixing classic and new styles redesigned with the "Sorella flare." The collection will go live on Sorella's website this coming Monday, July 29th. You can peep the lookbook below.

Courtesy of Sorella

Sorella itself had a similar start to the game as FUBU. Founded by two boss ladies, Heather Sanders & Brittney Turner, back in 2012, at the tender age of 20 years old, the brand started with an inventory of 10 products and packages that were packed on the floor of their apartment. Though they had no fashion background or training, they too were chock-full of hustle and drive! Following their 2012 launch, they opened their first store in LA, and quickly became every LA’s woman’s go-to spot for fashion. They took things one step further by creating their women’s movement - #GirlsTour, which represented "strong women, working women, and independent women of all ages, colors, and sizes." They hope to empower women all over the world to "not only be confident and have a vision, but to also - be a dope girl with style and hustle."