At 45 years old, it's safe to say that Japanese baseball star Ichiro Suzuki is a legend. Suzuki began his MLB career in 2001 with the Seattle Mariners which is also the team he will reportedly end it with. Suzuki played nine years in Japan before coming to the United States and over 28 seasons, Suzuki has become one of the most accomplished baseball players ever. Embarking on his 19th season this year, it appears as though Ichiro has decided to retire. The Mariners have been in Tokyo, Japan over the last week for some exhibitions games in Suzuki's home country. After exiting today's game against the Oakland Athletics, Suzuki reportedly told the team he was retiring, according to ESPN

It was a beautiful moment for Suzuki has the 45,000 Japanese fans at the Toky Dome rose to their feet to deliver a huge standing ovation that brought the MLB legend to tears. Ichiro's teammates all came out of the dugout to hug him and congratulate him on a spectacular career.

Speculation on Suzuki's retirement has been in full swing as of late as his numbers have dwindled over the years. During the Spring Training, Suzuki has only managed two hits on 31 trips at-bat. Regardless, Suzuki's legacy has been cemented.