Ice Cube was among the celebrities present at the Staples Center for the big heavyweight tilt between Deontay Wilder and his English opponent Tyson Fury. As reported, the fight ended in a split decision because the judges couldn't agree on the outcome, much less the way it should be scored. Mexican judge Alejandro Rochin scored it 115-111 for Wilder - the second judge from Canada scored the fight 114-112 in Fury's favor, while the English judge had it even-Steven at 113-133.

The scoring system in Boxing, even in instances where the stakes are lowered, is a sport where "bias and error in human judgment" is often a deciding factor. There are X amount punches thrown each round, so it's hard to keep count without computational data. And oftentimes, a persuasive moment like Deontay Wilder's 12th round knockdown can change the perception of a fight, and there goes the alarm.

Ice Cube's rushed interview with TMZ last night was a good example of a fan being coerced by a persuasive moment in a fight. Although opinion if actually split on social media, Ice Cube feels that Deontay Wilder was robbed on the night - that he wouldn't be lining for a rematch to the "boring" first order of business.

TMZ also spoke with Andre Berto. His opinion being: split decision draw was a credible decision because "we" want to see the rematch. Actor Michael Rappoport agreed with Berto agreed on some level, but wants to "see more from" Deontay Wilder going forward. How did you score the fight, comment below?