Ice Cube's been in the game for a long time and has delivered countless classics throughout his career. However, we haven't heard much from him musically over the past few years. It's understandable considering he's been occupied with other ventures. He launched his BIG3 basketball league  last year and he's also seemed to be more focused on film rather than music. For anyone who's been waiting for the legendary emcee to drop some new music, it seems like it might be just around the corner.

Earlier today, a fan hit Ice Cube up on Twitter and asked when he'd be dropping a new album. He didn't reveal much but he did reveal that it'll be coming this fall. When in the fall is still up in the air but it's exciting to know that he'll be coming through with some bangers in the coming future. His upcoming release will be the first project he's dropped in eight years following 2010's I Am The West. We're looking forward to hearing his perspective on everything that's been happening in the world. He's always had political and societal commentary in his music and with Trump in office, there's no doubt we'll be hearing his takes on that.

Aside from the album, it's also been confirmed that he's shooting the final movie in the "Friday" series. Earlier this month, Ice Cube, Mike Epps and John Witherspoon were spotted on the set for the film. Again, there's no release date on that but we'll definitely keep you updated.