Ice Cube has never shied away from politics. We're speaking about one of the men who wrote the infamous "Fuck The Police" anthem after all. In recent months, he has been pushing his Contract with Black America, explaining what needs to be done for Black Americans to finally be treated with equity and respect.

During a conversation on TMZ Live, Ice Cube revealed that he has been in contact with both the Republican and Democratic administrations, outlining the contract and stressing how important it is.

"The end game is to get a candidate to adopt this plan because it's needed for Black America," said Cube as he discussed his contract. He states that, while everybody has their preferred candidate, he's done with identity politics, suggesting that whoever decides to implement his plan is getting his vote. He goes on to say that both sides have agreed with his ideals.

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"[Me and Biden's team] talked about a few things," said Cube. "Making sure that a fair amount of government contracts go to Black businesses, and I say Black specifically because the word 'minority' has actually hurt us because every minority usually gets something but us. I really wanna focus on economics. I think economics could fix a lot of these other social problems. They're moving full-speed on dealing with social issues. The same amount of energy needs to go into getting us out of this economic hole that Black people have found themselves in generation after generation. We have to close this wealth gap."

As far as the right goes, Cube says that he has been contacted by both Trump and Biden's teams, stating that both sides "understand that something big needs to be done."

He also suggests that, if Trump is able to implement his plan before the election, Biden's team should be worried.

Do you think that Ice Cube could wind up in a cabinet position?