Questions have been swirling as of late as to whether or not Carmelo Anthony has a future in the NBA. The star played ten games with the Houston Rockets this season and hasn't played since as both parties agreed to part ways. Since leaving the Rockets, Carmelo hasn't played any basketball which has some wondering if he's going to retire.

While some believe 'Melo is finished, others are not so sure and believe Anthony is still worthy of cracking an NBA roster. One of those people is rapper and actor Ice Cube who recently spoke to TMZ about Anthony.

Ice Cube is the founder and owner of the Big3 basketball league which features retired NBA stars playing in a 3-on-3 setting. TMZ asked him if he would like to have Anthony in the league, but he feels as though that talk is coming a little too early.

"Of course, we'd accept him. But, he can still play in the NBA, he should be in the NBA," Cube said.

He added that he would ultimately love to have Carmelo play in the league, but considering he feels 'Melo can still play in the NBA, he'd rather him compete there.

Players who have competed in the Big3 league include Chauncey Billups, James White, and Rashard Lewis.