Over the weekend, Michael Rapaport, Baron Davis and Glen Davis pulled some heroic moves on a plane. A passenger reportedly tried to open up the the emergency exit door while the flight was in the air. Thankfully, Rapaport, Baron and Glen prevented that from happening and saved the day and a few lives. The three gentlemen were on their way to Houston from the opening night of the BIG3 league's second season. Ice Cube recently spoke to TMZ about what the three guys did on the flight and he feels they deserve an invitation to the White House for their heroic actions.

TMZ pulled up on Ice Cube at LAX and asked him about his thoughts on how Baron, Glen and Michael handled the situation on the plane. The rapper said they were superheroes before promoting his appearance on FOX. However, the rapper did have some words for President Trump and suggested the three guys deserved to be invited to the White House.

"Trump, invite 'em to the White House. Stop bullshittin'." He said before walking off.

While Cube's been busy with the BIG3 league, he's also had some other endeavors he's been working on. The rapper revealed recently that he's dropping a new album this fall. In addition, he also said that he's finishing the final script for "Last Friday." 

Peep his run in with TMZ below.