Ice Cube has evolved to become of his own domain - what that is, sometimes it kind of hard to tell? But rest assured, I meant it as a compliment, for very few rappers, ex-rappers, or transcendent figures stack up to his resume. So when Ice Cube announced his first solo project in eight years, the reaction was mixed, but it wasn't muted. People still care to know what Mr. Jackson is doing next.

The project titled Everythang's Corrupt is slated to drop on December 7, a month later than expected. Ice Cube himself the revised drop date via Twitter, leading many to search the title on various competing platforms including Spotify, and iTunes, where it is available for pre-order. Longtime fans will be glad to know that Ice Cube still refers to himself as a "Super OG," he still distrusts law enforcement, and on a sonic level: he still gets down with Funkadelic, see for yourself.

Everythang's Corrupt

1. Super OG (Intro)
2. Arrest The President
3. Chase Down The Bully
4. Don't Bring Me No Bag
5. Bad Dope
6. On Them Pills
7. Fire Water
8. Streets Shed Tears
9. Ain't Got No Haters (feat. Too $hort)
10. Can You Dig It?
11. That New Funkadelic
12. One For The Money
13. Still In The Kitchen
14. Non Believers
15. Everythangs Corrupt
16. Good Cop Bad Cop

Go cop that pre-order on iTunes if you are so inclined.