Ice Cube has currently been hard at work building himself a star-studded 3 on 3 basketball league for fans and players alike to enjoy this summer. He stopped by the "The Late Show" to discuss what he's been up to with Stephen Colbert. At one point Colbert asks how the name "Ice Cube" was given to the rapper, (real name O'Shea Jackson.) He reveals that it was his older brother Clyde who originally bestowed the moniker on the legend,

"I used to try to talk to his girlfriends when they called and he got tired," he said. "Back in those days when you wanted to throw out an old refrigerator you'd dump it on the curb and someone would come pick it up," he explained. "Well, my brother was like, 'yo, that refrigerator down the street? I'm gonna take you down there, I'm slammin' you in the freezer and when they pull you out you're gonna be an ice cube.'"

Afterwards Colbert asked Cube if he could find a name for him, Cube responds "Most guys, when they do a rap name, guys like yourself, they'll say 'my name is SC,' or something real weak like that. But I'mma call you Daddy Colbert. Daddy Colbert, that's dope. And if you really wanna lean into it, you go to Pimp Daddy Colbert."

Take a look at the video here.