Some fans may make fun of the "old heads" in hip hop, but it's undeniable that without rap icons who helped pave the way, the artists we love today wouldn't be who they are. In the late 1980s and into the 1990s, gangster rap was reigning in hip hop. N.W.A. stormed onto the scene and were instrumental in shifting the genre's focus from New York to California, making them pioneers in the rap game. Ice Cube went on to have a tremendously successful solo and acting career, and recently the music legend took a walk down memory lane as he marked the anniversary of one of his most celebrated albums.

Ice Cube NWA
Peter Kramer / Staff / Getty Images

On May 16, 1990, Ice Cube released AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, and over the weekend he took a few moments to share music memories with fans for the record's 30th anniversary. He hopped on Instagram Live to play music while delivering a few facts about his career, including his days with N.W.A. Cube posted a photo of himself with members of his famous hip hop collective and wrote that their intimidating persona often got them into trouble, even causing them to miss out on their own events.

"THE LAST DANCE Did you know NWA was refused entry into our own listening party?" Ice Cube wrote in the caption. "Bouncers at the door we’re scared we were there to turn the party out. Record Execs couldn’t even get us in. Sheriffs came. We said f*ck it and went to go eat." We wonder where those bouncers are now? Check out Ice Cube's post below.