It doesn't take long for a narrative to take hold, as Ice Cube has come to realize. It all started after he decided to sit down with the Republicans for a discussion about his Contract With Black America, confirming that he had reached out to both parties. As he explains, Joe Biden and the Democrats expressed interest in establishing a dialogue, though only after the Election.

Ice Cube

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

As such, Cube found himself conversing with Donald Trump's campaign, in order to ensure that those in power have a chance at further understanding the CWBA. Naturally, this went on to spark a major controversy, with many concluding that Cube had all but endorsed the controversial president. Even during an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Cube found himself forced to defend his decision to treat the Contract With Black America as a bipartisan issue. It should be noted that Cube has in no way endorsed Donald Trump -- unlike 50 Cent, who doubled down earlier today

Despite the fact that Cube gave no indication that he would be supporting Donald Trump's reelection, that didn't stop Eric Trump from attempting to steer the narrative in his father's favor. Taking to Twitter, Eric Trump shared a meme of Cube and 50 Cent sitting courtside while rocking "Trump 2020" hats, a clear photoshop that, while fake, may still prove impactful on impressionable swing-voters. Clearly, the manipulated media went on to perturb Cube, who responded to Trump's tweet with a disrespectful brush-off: "n***a please."

Expect the Trump campaign to relish in this new connection with the hip-hop community, even if the love isn't altogether reciprocated.