The demand for police reform has never been higher as it is today. In the wake of George Floyd's murder, the public discourse has shifted from coronavirus to the needed for imminent social change, especially within the police force. Shows like Live PD and Cops have essentially championed police officers, even when they're in the wrong. But as protests continue to take place across the country, Paramount Networks has announced the end of one their most beloved and problematic shows.

Chris Graythen/BIG3 via Getty Images

After being pulled from scheduling a few days ago, Paramount Network has officially canceled Cops, Variety reports. This comes days after Derek Chauvin was charged and in the midst of the ongoing protests. "Cops is not on the Paramount Network and we don’t have any current or future plans for it to return,” Paramount Network rep told deadline. 

Ice Cube, who has been incredibly vocal in recent times about the injustices Black Americans face, caught wind of the news and shared his reaction on Twitter with a timeless line from his classic 1995 film, Friday. "Bye Felicia," he wrote. 

As Paramount Network pulled the plug on Cops, it's also reported that A&E's Live PD has also been cut from scheduling “out of respect for the families of George Floyd and others who have lost their lives.”

Check out Ice Cube's tweet below.