While Ice Cube’s persona is one of a gruff dude from Compton with a chip on his shoulder, his song “It Was A Good Day” ranks as one of the best feel-good hip hop songs of all time. So its fitting that when he decided to partner with clothing label Represent on a line of clothes to benefit an autism charity, that song would be the centerpiece.

Available in a range of styles to suit men, women and kids, the shirt shows Cube in his iconic attire from the “It Was A Good Day” video along with stylized text ‘Today was a Good Day’. A portion of the proceeds from every sale go to autism charity Autism Speaks. He told AllHipHop that he was inspired to create this line because has a family member who has autism. “My goal through this campaign is to not only help raise awareness but to also support this great organization’s efforts in promoting solutions for the needs of individuals with autism and their families,” said Cube.

The shirts are $25 and sweatshirts are $40. Get them while they last because the California-based Represent will stop selling the line on March 7.