These days, it isn't difficult to find an artist complaining about not receiving respect from their peers. Often, artists take to social media with grievances over not having others help share or promote their releases, and there are those who demand their flowers for their contributions to music. One person who never has an issue with people's praises, whether from fellow rappers or the world at large, is Lil Wayne. When it comes to Weezy, without a doubt, other rappers are quick to shine a light on his talents, including Ice Cube who knows a thing or two about success.

The Los Angeles Rap legend made a recent appearance on The Guest List where he stated that Lil Wayne is definitely on his GOAT list.

Ice Cube
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

“It’s hard to beat Lil Wayne,” said the Mt. Westmore collaborator. "His metaphors are otherworldly. As far as lyrics and can make hits, you know. [He's] been copied all these years and nothing but clones of Lil Wayne at the end of the day. I just think, besides myself...I’ve done so much for the culture, but yeah he’s dope.”


This comes on the heels of Fat Joe naming Tunechi as the best rapper he's seen unleash in the studio.

"He's in a little room and there's big, giant speakers, and he's just there like, staring at the speaker," said Joe. "He goes in the booth, 'I am a beast, feed me Hip Hop, feed me...' I was like holy f*ck! This guy took the record. He's a beast!"

Check out Ice Cube on The Guest List below.