It’s been a long time coming, but it finally looks like Last Friday, the 4th installment in Ice Cube’s hilarious Friday movie series, is in production. On Wednesday, Mike Epps, who plays Cube’s cousin in the series, took to his Instagram to share a photo & clip of his time on set.

“Im sitting here with big bro. We working, we working ya dig?” Epps says before Cube comes in and confirms its “Craig & Day-Day,” aka their characters in the film. Epps captioned the clip with “We working” too, but that wasn’t the only thing to get fans hyped.

In the late hours of Wednesday night, Epps also shared a photo of him, Ice Cube, & John Witherspoon (Cube’s father in the film) on Instagram, and fans in his comments were going nuts over it. The trio are spotted in a kitchen setting with cameras behind them, pretty much confirming that filming is being done or at least maybe some sort of promo clip for it anyways. 

There’s no word yet as or when the movie might hit theaters, probably next year sometime, but when it does it’s safe to say it’s going to be another cultural phenomenon, just like the first three installments.

Check out the clip & photo (below) and sound off in the comments. Who’s excited to finally see Last Friday?