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Emerging on the scene wearing black pants, a black hat and white sneakers, Ice Cube let us know that he'd be stomping for years to come. The years of long hair now behind him, he's been able to traverse the field with a slew of other profitable endeavors from movies to endorsements. However, it's clear that Cube has never left the music world and he continues to work on new material. This July will see yet another Ice Cube release, one that he recently promoted while headlining Murs' Paid Dues Festival. Recently, he spoke with BallerStatus about the new album and two songs that may have fans excited for its release.

"Pretty soon, the machines are going to take over. That's just real. It's happening in all of our lives," he says of "Man Vs. Machine," a new cut off the album. He explained that the album deals with human dependence on technology. But, the topical rhymes don't end there.

"Robbin' Hoods" is another track he shared, which has a theme about the rich stealing from the poor. In the interview, he explained that making this song sets him apart from various other emcees who have other topical choices.

"Big corporations is now stealing from the poor and giving to the rich...It's everything people are going through. It's real shit that ain't got nothing to do with money, cars and all the shit most rappers talk about," he noted.

Another song off the album, "Drink the Kool-Aid," got some publicity when it seemed Cube was taking shots at former group member Dr. Dre. Recently, Cube addressed the lines in the song and added that he would like to assist with Detox, noting "I'd never diss the man that got me started," perhaps omitting mentions of their previous feuds.