As you might be aware, Ice Cube is dropping his first LP in years tomorrow, and by the looks of it, the elder statesman of Gangsta Rap hasn't lost his step. Ice Cube proved it at once, by performing the skeleton structure of two songs off Everythang’s Corrupt.

In simpler terms, he performed them acapella with a slight spoken word bend, starting with "Fire Water," a song that sounds nothing like its synthier counterpart. Without the physical boundaries imposed by the beat, Ice Cube turns the song into a more "contemplative poem," as Rolling Stone so delicately stated.

In the second video recording uploaded on the Vevo channel, Ice Cube reconfigures "Chase Down the Bully," a song that bears a greater resemblance to the version contained on Everythang’s Corrupt, given the fact the subject material is kind of overpowering.  On "Chase Down the Bully" Ice Cube covers everything from confronting White Nationalism to Donald Trump's problematic border policy.

Ice Cube raps, We’re gonna chase down the bully, hit his ass with the fully-Then we gonna string his ass up by his nuts with a pully," in his spoken word cadence. These two spoken word stencils should hold you over until his album drops at midnight. See you on the other side, padre.