He's always been a radical voice for black culture, but Ice Cube has turned things up a notch on social media in recent weeks. The former N.W.A. rapper burst onto the music scene with a controversial classic that spoke of defying authority, but there are Ice Cube fans who see him as the family-friendly actor and not as a political voice. His recent tweets have caused a bit of backlash as Ice Cube has been accused of sharing anti-Semitic images, but no matter what people had to say about his viewpoints, he remains steadfast. 

Ice Cube Looting Walmart
Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images

On Friday (June 12), a news story out of Florida began to circulate online. The articles and images of protests have dwindled in recent days, but rest assured they are still taking place nationwide. However, things took a turn in Tampa Bay when hundreds of looters reportedly stormed a local Walmart and made off with $100K worth of items. A video clip of the incident from store security cameras hit news stations, and the videos were shared on social media. 

Ice Cube wanted to make sure that no one involved found themselves in trouble, so when he saw that CBS News tweeted the clip of the looters, he offered up a solution. "No arrest and I’ll cover the $100k. Deal?" We're curious as to whether or not he'll be able to pull this one off, but the gesture speaks volumes. Check out the tweet below.