Upon crossing paths with a visibly excited Desus and Mero, the legendary Ice Cube greets the pair with equal warmth: "two of the craziest n***as in New York!" From that point onward, their interview is conducted with mutual respect across the board. Ice Cube opens up about his experience in launching the Big 3 League, which he explains stemmed from his own desires as a fan. "Dudes retire all the time, and we can't watch them anymore," explains Cube. "But I know they playing. I'm hearing about pickup games, 'they was up at UCLA going off!' I was like damn, why this ain't on TV? Why we can't see this?"

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Eventually, Desus inquires about Cube's comedic chops, remarking on his transition from "the person people were afraid of" to "a lovable actor." Cube reveals the secret is remaining true to self. "I'm not worried about an image," he explains. "I was always funny. I always knew what was funny. Me doing comedies, I know it don't really match, but we from the hood. Comedy is such a part of our life, because we gotta laugh at shit. If not, we'd all have a pistol in our hand. A bandanna around our face. Comedy is just as much a part of the hood as anything else people associate with the hood." He proceeds to compliment the hosts, saying their show reminds him of "the homies growing up, just clowning all the time." 

For more wisdom from Ice Cube, including a hilarious take on his experience at the hair salon with Eazy E, be sure to check out the full video below. Respect to Desus and Mero for conducting a good one!