Kendrick Lamar didn’t win all 11 awards he was nominated for, but he did get a few, including the Grammy for Best Rap Album. Ice Cube was the presenter, so he got the distinct privilege of handing Kendrick Duckworth his Grammy for To Pimp A Butterfly. It was a nice moment for the two Compton rappers, one at the twilight of his rap career and the other in his prime.

After his stint as presenter, Ice Cube felt there was nothing else worthwhile at the show and promptly dipped. One would think that a highly coveted Grammy Awards invitation would prompt anyone to remain at the show and shmooze with other artists and celebrities, but Ice Cube said anyone who expected him to stay was “out your batty ass mind.”

It’s unclear if Ice Cube’s son and fellow presenter O’Shea Jackson Jr. also left after the award, but he isn’t featured in Cube’s video. Cube’s departure was hilarious, but for Jackson Jr. it might just be more embarrassing dad behavior.

Snoop Dogg threw his own two cents in last night as well, sharing his own Instagram video featuring himself snacking on a couch and watching Adele with his dog. He says he had seats at the Grammys, but prefers the comfort of his house. In another post Snoop congratulated Kendrick for his performance, who seemed to be the only one who could keep the two OGs’ attention at the award show.