Is it possible that some have come to take Ice Cube for granted? The legendary rapper slash actor has already offered the game so much. Nine solo studio albums. His work with NWA. Acclaimed acting roles, including a classic turn in Boyz N-The-Hood. Yet somehow, it feels as the masses forget what Ice Cube is truly capable of. Luckily, the man himself is coming through with a firm reminder. 

Ice Cube's tenth studio album Everythangs Corrupt officially has a release date: December 7th, 2018. The rapper took to Instagram to share the nostalgia-inducing album cover, evocative of his classic Death Certificate in color palette and political imagery alike. Dubbing it "a day that will live in Infamy," Cube has never been one to hold back. After all, the last we heard from Ice Cube was on the underrated "Good Cop, Bad Cop," which dropped on the aforementioned Death Certificate's 25th Anniversary edition. Think of everything that has happened since then.

Ya'll looking forward to some new Ice Cube?