Ice Cube has gone through three seasons of his incredibly successful Big3 league and continues to put on a spectacle every single summer. At the beginning of the season, the league was under some scrutiny because of its decision to deactivate players such as Baron Davis and Lamar Odom. At the time, Ice Cube explained his decision to cut these players, saying they simply weren't healthy or fit enough to be able to play. Odom was disappointed by it all but eventually sucked it up and tried to keep working out.

Not everyone has reacted like Odom though, as Davis recently took to Twitter to scold Ice Cube for continuously talking about him to the media. "I told y’all in the group chat. Keep my name out ya mouth.. if you need me to really address the s*** I will," Davis wrote.

As you can imagine, Cube wasn't too impressed with Davis' tweet and immediately responded, saying "You got my number."

If there is one person you probably shouldn't be calling out publically in such a way, it's Ice Cube. Not only is the guy the commissioner of the league, but he has always kept it real during his career and wouldn't be scared of a threat from the likes of Davis.

Clearly the two have some hashing out to do although Davis doesn't seem to be in the mood to "talk."