It wouldn't be a Kanye West Twitter spree without a few mixed signals, and that's exactly what happened in the thick of his latest batch of tweets. While it has admittedly become rather difficult to keep track of where Ye's head is at, he did take a few rather pointed shots at Puma. Declaring their designs to be "embarrassingly trash," he went on to volunteer his services in an effort to "make everything ok." On its own, it's a condescending shot at a rival shoe brand -- yet in the wake of J. Cole's recent Puma partnership, which culminated in an influx of brand new Dreamer sneakers, many were quick to make a more hostile connection.

Many including Ibrahim Hamad, co-founder of Dreamville Records. Responding to an Instagram report from BRKicks highlighting Yeezy's disparaging words, Ibrahim straight up addressed the implication in the comments section. "Cole living in his head rent free at this point," he writes, alongside a few tears-of-laughter emojis for good measure. Clearly, Ibrahim doesn't think much of Kanye's Puma disrespect, going so far as to directly fuel the narrative that Ye's animosity toward Cole was the catalyst for the controversial tweet.

Interestingly enough, all of this happened to transpire following Kanye's open invitation for a sit down with Cole, though only after receiving a public apology from the K.O.D. rapper. It seems as if "False Prophets" and sub shots on "Middle Child" haven't exactly been sitting right with the eccentric Jesus Is King visionary. But perhaps it shouldn't be surprising -- after all, Kanye did describe himself as "petty" during a recent Tweetstorm. Do you think Kanye was taking a deliberate shot at Cole?