Surviving R. Kelly didn't only have an impact on R. Kelly, but many other artists, celebrities and socialites who've also been accused of sexual misconduct. Ian Connor was hit with allegations of rape in 2016, but it seemed to briefly derail Connor's career before coming back to the fashion world as if nothing happened. Right now, Paris Fashion Week is happening and a new report brought to light the allegations against Ian Connor.

In a recent piece published by The Business Of Fashion titled "Why Hasn't #MeToo Come for Ian Connor?" author Tamison O'Connor examines Connor's career following the allegations in comparison to other prominent figures in the fashion world who've faced similar allegations. Six women to date have accused Connor of sexual misconduct. Jean Deaux, one of the women who've accused Connor of sexual misconduct, spoke about how he didn't really face any backlash.

"Nothing has happened," Deaux said. "And just as of recently he's been more and more and more put in the media and pop culture, he's kind of found his way back into being socially accepted." 

Deaux, a musician in her own right, stated that her entertainment lawyer convinced her bringing it to the media would put negative attention on her.

“My entertainment lawyer at the time told me literally maybe a couple days after it happened that if I wanted a fresh start in the industry that I didn’t want to bring attention to that,” she said. "This is not attention I want," she added. "It’s why I don't speak on this situation."

Connor has denied all allegations against him.