Streetwear "it-boy" Ian Connor was trending on Twitter overnight and, when that happens, it's usually for nothing good. The creative has previously been accused of rape by 21 women and, for some reason, those allegations were never taken too seriously. Well, that number has officially risen to 33 and Ian Connor responded by virtually spitting in his accusers' faces.

"Make The Number 31 or 78 or Even 1,000 While Y’all At It," he wrote on Twitter, adding a bunch of laughing faces. "And Yes I’m Laughing Outta Pure Amusement. Ciao!"

After that, he went on to spend his entire evening clapping back at trolls threatening to cancel him. In fact, he's so confident that he will never be silenced that he's putting up money.

"I’ll Give Away Half My Bank Account If Y’all Successfully Cancel Meh, and That’s On Blood, Raven and Olivia," wrote Ian Connor. "I Say This With The Upmost Composure and Conscious Mind." 

Prior to that, he sent off a few trolling responses to his haters.

Ian Connor
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

"'I’ve Seen It On The Internet, It Must Be True,'" he mimicked. "I’m Actually Gay. I Sold My Soul 2 Get Back On Top. I’m Illuminated."

Finally, he realized that he probably shouldn't be making light of the allegations, given how serious they are. He told fans that he would be heading off the internet for the night.

"I Apologize, I Shouldn’t Be Trolling No Matter How Personal It May Be To Self," wrote the model. "Imma Get Off Y’all’s Internet For Ah Bit."