A couple of months after Ian Connor and his ex-fiance Raven's messy split, the controversial fashion designer and stylist is once again trending due to unfavorable circumstances. Conner has previously dodged rape allegations, but now the infamous Yeezy Season 3 model is facing allegations that he has been stealing work from one of his full-time employees, a 16-year-old designer operating under the Twitter handle @argent_jp. 

According to the teenager, who refers to themselves as Argent, they have worked for Ian Conner since March 1, but has yet to receive any compensation or credit for their work. "On March 1st this year, Ian Connor asked me to join his Sicko creative team "Full Time" after I sent him some work," Argent reveals in an in-depth statement. "I was super excited (despite all the negativity surrounding him) as I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some real connections in fashion and help get my name out there. I understand it was not a good choice, but keep in mind I'm 16 years old and this was the first real chance I had in fashion. Period."

Ian Connor attends Slim Jxmmi "Great Gatsby" Birthday affair on December 30, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.(
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According to Argent, their working relationship with Ian Connor came to a breaking point at the beginning of July, when the A$AP-affiliated stylist  ghosted the teenager around the same time that Argent's Instagram got hacked. Argent allegedly continued to try and get in contact with Connor for 28 days, and that's Ian reportedly started threatening the 16-year-old.

"He threatened me, a 16 year old. Ian Connor is a 28 year old. A grown ass man. Threatening a 16 year old," Argent says, concluding their lengthy statement. Along with the statement, Argent also released screenshots of their messages with Ian Connor for context. Check out Argent's thread below and let us know what you think about the alleged situation.