Fashion designer and stylist Ian Connor is no stranger to controversy. He spent extensive periods in 2019 and 2020 dodging rape allegations from 33 women, though he never seemed to take them seriously. Connor is now taking his trademark abusive form of 'trolling' to twitter to air out his ex, Instagram model Raven Tracy, whom he has dated for five years and proposed to in 2019, for allegedly cheating on him. In a string of tweets last night, Connor essentially slut-shamed Tracy, to which Tracy clapped back at him strongly by defending herself as a faithful girlfriend while counter-accusing him of sleeping with other women.

The Twitter tirade and subsequent exchange started with a very inflammatory accusation posted on Ian's twitter account:

"Raven F***** Everybody and I Gave Her My Heart, I Could Never Trust Another B**** Ah Day In My Life Again."

Although Raven had said that "The lady that i am i never even respond but this s***," she then admits it's "bad business" and "who does stuff like this to somebody they claim they love?"

Thus, Raven responded with "Ian let's not get on this internet and drag s***," she wrote. "U love slut shaming me in public and apologizing repeatedly in private. That's weird s***. & i f***** everybody ? Huh?? You've been cheating on me for 5 years! I've literally stayed with u, literally took care of u... don't do it," reverberating accusations of cheating against Connor. 

While Raven continued to defend her name and her faithfulness to Connor, "His whole life is in my name , the man couldn't even do anything for himself without me ! I get it, we broke up, i hurt you by testing the waters but damn... this what you want ? You wanna do this ? 4real? Lemme know. I loved this BOY unconditionally & the way he tries to bash me when he's hurt is wack! That's all ima say." Conor did not return the respect his ex-girlfriend was showing him and instead replied with: "Might As [well] Start Selling That P****, You Handing It Out So Much."

While the back and forth ended after Tracy threatened to have her property taken from him, it remains to be seen what will happen between the couple, though Tracy said she won't be taking their drama to social media any longer. Who's side are you on?

Check out the tweets below.