Many are fearing for their lives and their homes as Hurricane Dorian inches towards the United States. The hurricane already hit the Bahamas, reportedly killing atleast twenty people. However, it also appears as though someone may have lost a copious amount of cocaine due to the hurricane. According to NBC News, over a dozen bricks of cocaine have washed up on the shore two beaches in Florida. 

A police officer received a complaint from someone at the beach that something strange and suspicious washed ashore at Paradise Beach Park. The officer, who was patrolling the grounds on foot, located the suspicious package that was "wrapped in a way that was consistent with narcotics," according to a police spokesperson. The package was later tested and determined to be cocaine.

Elsewhere in Florida, another fifteen bricks made its way onto the shore of Cocoa Beach -- located 20 miles north of Paradise Peach Park. Police found a dufflebag which carried fifteen bricks in total. Sergeant Manny Hernandez said that one kilo of cocaine goes for $20K to $30K in the Orlando area. Needless to say, the individual who lost the fifteen bricks is probably punching the air right now. The bricks have been turned over the U.S. Custom and Border Protection, Hernandez said.

Issues have been warned for Hurricane Dorian in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.