It's Hump Day on these internets, and while the term actually refers to the fact that once you're over the hump that is Wednesday your week is (basically) over, we're taking it literally. We've curated a great playlist for Hump Day. That means it's all r'n'b-ish music that should get you in the baby-making mood. The king of baby-making jams is most definitely The-Dream, and I'm not just saying that because I'm obsessed with him...But given my obsession and the fact that The-Dream is an r'n'b killa, do not be surprised to find three tracks from him (and there should probably be more, amirite? We'll do a strictly-Dream playlist one day though).

Even if you've got no one to make any babies with, this is a smooth playlist to get you through the work day, or to play when you're relaxing post-work.