Hulkamania was a force to be reckoned with in the 80s and early 90s, but none of it would have been possible without a loyal supporting cast. One of Hulk Hogan's better friends IRL passed away this Wednesday to a chorus of tributes from the Wrestling brass. Hulk Hogan was certainly among those who passed their respect, both publicly and privately.

If you recall, Gene Okerlund was the enduring "on-air" personality when Hulkamania was at his peak, usually as a mediator when Hulk and other wrestlers engaged with the TV audience in pre-bout promos. Hulk's first Tweet was issued just as the news of his passing was making the rounds. The second Tweet was a picture of a martini glass Hulk Hogan was drinking in his honor. Okerlund was an avid Martini-lover. 

The final eulogy contained an inside joke, inherently funny to Hulk, and Gene while he was still alive. Anyone who's followed the WWF-WWE knows how integral Gene Okerlund has been to the operation and wrestling culture as a whole. That's why the WWE has asked Hulk Hogan to appear on RAW in more than one capacity. Hogan will be given the opportunity to pay homage to "his brother" Okerlund in the portion of the telecast reserved to his on-air eulogy. When's that over and done with, who knows - maybe Hulk Hogan'll pick a fight with one of those NXT marks.