Somehow, Hulk Hogan had both a sex tape scandal and an N-word scandal all at once. Although the tape has pretty much been scrubbed from the internet after Hogan sued Gawker for leaking the footage, audio of the wrestler using the N-word accompanied the leak. In the audio, Hogan can be heard telling a story about his daughter dating a Black man. "So it gets to the point where, I don't know if Brooke was fucking the Black guy's son, or they've been hanging out," Hogan said in the recording. "I caught them holding hands together on the tour." Apparently, Hogan wasn't too pleased with his daughter being romantic with a Black guy. "I'm not a double-standard type of guy," he continued. "I'm a racist to a point, you know, fucking n***ers, but then, when it comes to nice people... I don't give a fuck if she (inaudible) an 8-foot tall basketball player. If we're gonna fuck with n***ers, let's get a rich one!"

The leaked audio caused the WWE to terminate Hogan, and strip him from the Hall of Fame. According to the WWE, they feel like Hogan has changed his ways, and after three years of being suspended, the wrestler will be reinstated into the Hall of Fame. "This second chance follows Hogan’s numerous public apologies and volunteering to work with young people, where he is helping them learn from his mistake," reads the statement. "These efforts led to a recent induction into the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Alumni Hall of Fame." Hogan took to Twitter to thank the WWE.