Hulk Hogan has been teasing something special involving the nWo for weeks now on instagram, and today he finally revealed what all the hype is about. No, he's not returning to the ring for another match. 

Instead, Hogan has announced the “The nWo Reunion 2 Sweet Tour,” which will include a series of personal appearances and autograph signings with fellow nWo legends, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. As announced on Hulk Hogan’s website, the “The nWo Reunion 2 Sweet Tour” will kick off on October 27 with a Q&A event held at Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Orlando, Florida from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Additionally, the Hulkster has announced that the top 100 highest bidders will receive VIP tickets to the event, which will allow access to priority seating, a photo with Hogan, Hall and Nash, and more. Tickets can be purchased via

“The nWo Reunion 2 Sweet Tour” does not appear to be affiliated with the WWE. According to Wrestling News, Hogan and Nash own a combined 50% of nWo trademarks, thanks to a deal that was made while they were in WCW, while WWE owns the other 50%.

The WWE had cut ties with Hogan three years ago after video footage of him surfaced in which he used the N-word several times. However, the WWE announced last month that Hogan had been reinstated into it's Hall of Fame.