As you all may know, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner passed away last night peacefully in his Los Angeles home.

He was 91, and he lived a crazy life since launching the Playboy magazine in 1953 that then led to legendary mansion parties and notable figures that graced each publications cover such as Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Kim Basinger, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, Carmen Electra, Drew Barrymore and even Kim Kardashian.

"My father lived an exceptional and impactful life as a media and cultural pioneer and a leading voice behind some of the most significant social and cultural movements of our time in advocating free speech, civil rights and sexual freedom," Cooper Hefner, Playboy Enterprises' chief creative officer and Hugh's son, said in the statement as reported by HNHH.

Hefner's death comes after a lengthy disappearance from the limelight and close to a year after the death of his brother Keith, who passed due to cancer. 

He's survived by 4 children, Christine and David from his first marriage and Marston and Cooper from his second marriage.

Hugh had a few cameos in a number of movies and TV shows that boasted and familiarized his name even more. We're talking "Entourage," "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," "The House Bunny," and "Sex And The City."

Earlier this year a doc-series titled American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story premiered on Amazon Prime that chronicled his life and his impact on global culture.  

In light of his recent passing, lots of rappers and celebrities have been pouring their condolences on social media sending a restful peace to Hefner. 

Most notably is Pamela Anderson who has done 14 covers and 15 pictorials for the magazine. The 50-year-old shared a crying video to Instagram with heartfelt words on how the last time she saw Hefner, he was "using a walker."

"You didn't want me to see. You couldn't hear," she continued in the post. "You had a piece of paper in your pocket you showed me - with my name Pamela with a heart around it."

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Goodbye #Hef Mr Hefner I have so many thoughts, I have no brain n right now to edit I am me because of you You taught me everything important about freedom and respect. Outside of my family You were the most important person in my life. You gave me my life... People tell me all the time That I was your favorite... I'm in such deep shock. But you were old, your back hurt you so much. Last time I saw you You were using a walker. You didn't want me to see. You couldn't hear. You had a piece of paper in your pocket you showed me - with my name Pamela with a heart around it. Now, I'm falling apart. This feeling is so crazy. It's raining in Paris now. I'm by the window. Everything anyone loves about me is because you understood me. Accepted me and encouraged me to be myself. Love like no one else. Live recklessly With unfiltered abandon. You said the magazine was about a girl like me. That I embody the spirit you fantasized about. I was the one. You said. I can hear you say - Be brave. There are no rules. Live your life I'm proud of you. There are no mistakes. And with men - Enjoy ... (Your wonderful laugh) You have the world by the tail You are a good girl And you are so loved - You are not crazy. You are wild and free Stay strong, Stay vulnerable. ... "It's movie time" You loved my boys ... You were always, always there for us. With your love Your crazy wisdom. I will miss your everything. Thank you for making the world a better place. A freeer and sexier place. You were a gentleman charming, elegant, chivalrous And so much fun. Goodbye Hef ... Your Pamela 💋

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Rest in peace to my man Hugh Hefner!! Love You, Puff! You will be missed!!!

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Thank you Heff. Not too many icons left. #wildheart

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WOW !! Rip to my one of my idols 🙏 Hugh m. Hefner😢 life is short enjoy it 🙏

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Goodnight Playboy.

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Damn! Rest In Peace, Playboy! Hugh Hefner Dead at 91.... what a life! #GrimCreepers!!!...

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Rest In Peace Hef!

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