The Baker Mayfield - Hue Jackson drama may just dampen with the knowledge of their unforeseen common ground. It turns out, both Baker and Jackson have a strong distaste for the Cleveland Browns' ownership - which was made clear the moment Hue Jackson was hired because his appointment negated management's first choice of Sean McDermott, who was subsequently hired by the Buffalo Bills.

From there on out, Hue Jackson was trapped in a power struggle, he was in no way complicit in starting. Things came to a head when Browns' GM John Dorsey entered Hue Jackson's office prepared to fire him, after a string of poor results. When Jackson asked why he was being fired, Dorsey didn't leave much to the imagination.

'The team quit on you,' Dorsey replied," an ESPN report reveals. "At the time, four of the eight Browns games had gone to overtime. 'Get the fuck out of my office,' Jackson said." And within minutes, Hue Jackson was without a job but filled to the brim with resentment, on the slightest bit exacted on Dorsey in the heat of the moment.

The ESPN doesn't stop at reporting on the moment Jackson was shown the door. ESPN's Seth Wickersham offers several accounts of Browns' owner Jimmy Haslam chomping at the bit, only to make egregious errors in judgment. Organizational culture trickles down from the top. Professional football is no different.