What kind of laces should you put on your Air Jordan 1s? What size laces should you be using for your Air Jordan 6s? You want to swap out the stock laces that came with your Air Jordans but you aren't sure what size, shape or length to go with. 

If you've ever found yourself in that type predicament, in need of a lace swap for whatever reason, the infographic shown in the gallery above offers a complete guide to Air Jordan lace sizes.

The lace type, length, width and the number of eyelets on your Js are all crucial pieces to the puzzle when deciding which laces to put on your kicks, and Lacesout.net has all the answers, as well as a wide selection of laces to choose from.

Whether you've blown out a pair of laces, they've gotten too dirty, or you're simply looking for a new unique look, the infographic above will provide you with all the info you need for your Air Jordan silhouettes from 1-13.