How To Roll A Blunt - With RiFF RaFF

HNHH Staff
November 09, 2016 15:10

RiFF RaFF came by the HNHH office last month to reveal his blunt-rolling secrets, which were passed down to him by his father, and his father's father, etc...

"First of all, you gotta be ready to fly," RiFF says of the first step while pulling out his trusty box of weed supplies. He opted for the fruit punch blunt rolls," the smell of which he described as "cherry Kool-aid with a pound of sugar in it on a hot summer's day. Crushed ice... It smells like a damn slush-puppy."

He advised viewers to avoid a "prestigious" mindset and follow their heart while rolling a blunt. However, he does go onto to share a couple next-level techniques, all a part of what he calls the "Eastern Belgian roll."

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HNHH TV How To Roll A Blunt - With RiFF RaFF