How Lil Yachty Conquered The Rap Game With Love

Carver Low
May 25, 2017 22:03

Lil Yachty cannot be stopped by his (many) haters.

Few people attract hate like Lil Yachty. Thankfully, for every Yachty hater, there are three more fans that love Lil Boat’s off-kilter, sing-song style. With his debut album Teenage Emotions on the verge of its release, we looked back at how someone so outside-the-box was able to conquer hip hop.

Thankfully, Lil Yachty gave us his master plan when he stopped by the HNHH office for our On The Come Up series. Looking back, the Georgia native pulled off his plan to perfection, in the process achieving even more success than he could have expected.

The key? Love. Love for what he does and love for the fans that bump his music. Surrounding himself with all that positivity has brought festival, brands and labels calling. Who knows where it will take him next.

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HNHH TV How Lil Yachty Conquered The Rap Game With Love