Cozz opened up to XXL about his chance meeting with Kendrick Lamar, where the rapper kept his cool long enough to make a reasonable impression. Had he not had the gumption to ask Kendrick to join him in the studio, we'd be having a far different conversation about Cozz's liner notes. The pair link up on the second song off Cozz's new LP. 

The story begins unlike any other. Cozz exits the studio, walks toward the parking lot and notices a car with tinted windows pulling up beside him. Suddenly the window rolls down, and to his surprise Kendrick Lamar, whom he'd met once before, acknowledges him by name. Beginning with polite conversation, Cozz decides to invite him over to the studio for a listening. Thinking nothing of it, Cozz proceeds on his mission to the corner store for munchies. An hour later, Kendrick shows up to his surprise. Cozz goes on to play him a bunch of songs with Kendrick circling back to the first one. They go on to record a  hook and refrain on the spot, as the story has it.

Cozz's Effected came out this week. Give it a listen, if not for any reason other than Kendrick giant co-sign.

[Via XXL}