The first time Bronx rapper Don Q cropped up on the radar of many hip hop fans was his verse on Meek Mill's "Lights Out," from DC4. In the new episode of On The Come Up, Don Q told the story of the time he spent one night with Meek Mill in a New York studio that resulted in "Lights Out," as well as what nearly became another DC4 cameo.

"He was telling somebody that he had a record for me and he wanted me to get on it," Don recalled. "But it wasn't 'Lights Out' though. 'Lights Out' was never the record. It was 'Blessed Up.'"

"I was on that song," he continued. "I did a verse to that. So I did the verse, then he was like, 'aight, let's keep cooking up.' We played some beats, then 'Lights Out' came on. And then it was just lights out from there.

"I was hoping he gave me the song. I was hoping he'd keep me on 'Blessed Up' and give me 'Lights Out' for my tape. But I knew it wasn't gonna happen because he was really feeling that song. I seen him, he was playing it a lot on his Snap before this shit came out. So I already knew, like 'nah, he's gonna keep that shit.'"

Listen to "Lights Out" and "Blessed Up" below.