Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here. By 2020, we thought we'd be sitting in flying cars and speaking to one another via virtual simulations and although, we aren't there yet, we've got talking Tesla'sglitchy Apple Facetime calls and technology that mimics Joe Rogan's voice–one step at a time, people! 

Now, we have finally got what we've all been waiting for. A device to let your loved ones know that their taste in music is abysmal rather than leaving that heart-shattering burden to you to deal with. The latest A.I technology, created by the digital publication The Pudding, is named "How Bad Is Your Spotify?" or what I believe is a more fitting name, "Alexa, on crack."

To begin with, the artificially intelligent robot asks you to input your Spotify account information. "Hi, I’m an A.I. trained to evaluate musical taste," the bot announces, the precedes to judge your “awful taste in music"–the gadget's words, not mine. This time of year, Spotify's annual "wrapped" lists are revealed and shared, which is where the idea for "How Bad Is Your Spotify?" was vaguely birthed. 

Here's how people are reacting to The Pudding's new tech: 

Didn't I, Robot try to warn us about this?